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1 Place a $200 deposit -> we start building the drum per your specs.
2 After it"s done, you place the remaining balance and we ship the drum.

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May 2015

After several years of making drum shells only, we introduced our first snare drum - Oriollo Phantom.

June 2015

Together with bell bronze ...

July 2015

... and cast steel snare drums.

September 2015

We launched our first spun steel drums.

October 2015

Spun copper came soon after. Oriollo Bakar

March 2016

We introduced our first throw-off. Oriollo Rabbit.

May 2016

The so-called "Slitted" lug.

June 2016

Sonomaster snare wires.

December 2016

Spun brass and Forza lugs.

December 2016

World's first seamless spun metal kit (Phantom - spun aluminum)

March 2017

We introduced our first hammered shells, as well as Milla lugs.

March 2017

Also, our second throw-off. Oriollo Butterfly.

June 2017

Cast brass drums launched.

January 2018

World's first seamless steel drum kit.

April 2018

World's first cast stainless steel drum lugs and claws.

October 2018

Another "world's first" - seamless copper drum kit.

January 2019

Our take on triple flange hoops. OriFlange hoops.

April 2019

An all stainless steel prototype.

March 2020

Cast iron snare drum series launched.

August 2020

Red bronze / gunmetal snare drum series launched.

February 2021

Oriollo drum key, made of cast stainless steel.

December 2021

SuperThinCast shell design prototyped

January 2022

DuOr spun shells launched


What's next? Let's see, but it should be cool and innovative ... and definitely great sounding!

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