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Mixed spun metals

Responsive, with rich and full-sounding qualities.

Oriollo DuOr™ shell is made of two spun shells which are securely and permanently joined together at the bead. You can choose aluminum for top and brass for bottom, or copper for top and steel for bottom or ... any other combo.
We're using our own lugs and other quality components(?).

Let's build your DuOr®

Top Half:  
Bottom Half:  
Hoops (?):  
Tension rods:  

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You now pay a $200 deposit and the rest when we complete the drum.
Each snare drum comes with two sets of snare wires - Classic and Sonomaster.

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Peter Giordano
I was looking for a new snare drum and wanted something completely different, I knew about Oriollo Drums and heard great things about their products. That prompted me to reach out and inquire about making me what would be a very unconventional snare drum. I wanted the best of both worlds a drum with the warmth and low end of a spun brass shell but the attack of a spun copper shell. This lead me on my journey into having Vukan create what would be by far one of the best snare drums I have ever played. I have owned almost every incarnation of drum out there, having over 60 snares in my collection at one point. As I eagerly awaited the drum to be created and delivered I stumbled on a few other Oriollo drums and they made the anticipation even greater.
Well, the day finally came and the drum arrived, out of the box it was tuned to perfection and sounded amazing even played with the softest touch. The next step was to examine the drum more closely. Once again, I was floored by the quality and the attention to detail on every aspect of this snare drum. You could not help to see that this was make by a true craftsman who clearly knows how to create some of the finest musical instruments in the industry. I proceeded to take it to my studio that same night, and it performed better than I ever could have imagined. The sound of the drum was on a different level, it has amazing top end crack but the body that could shake a house. Tuned high or low it fit with all types of music, from full on rock to slow soft ballads this drum was a shining star. I have tracked the drum in a variety of tunings and within different situations and it over performs and over delivers in every category. I can honestly say that this could be the “ONE” there really is no reason to look for anything else, this drum will be my main snare for many years to come. I suggest you check one out and trust me you will not be disappointed. Thanks to Vukan who made my dream a reality and now I finally found my sound!

Clyde R
You have outdone yourself yet again, Vukan! Aside from the attention to detail and quality hardware, the 14x7 copper/brass shell keeps it apart from the others. Sensitive dark attack yet bright resonance it'll get noticed immediately.
Put to its paces from low to high maintains the dark top and resonance. Lay into it and it'll crack with mass volume carrying dark robust sound layered with warm brass.