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Drummers playing Oriollo drums. Listed in no particular order.

Sinclair Lott

Freddie Hubbard, Frank Zappa, Tigran Hamasyan, ...

Chris Hornbrook

Senses Fail, Poison The Well, Big Black Delta, Trash Talk

Joshua Kidd

Session drummer

Logan Phillips

Zach Williams

Sebastijan Kerekes

Neverne Bebe

Mike Albanese

Maserati, Cinemechanica, Bit Brigade

Dominik Scholz

Lacrimas Profundere, Jeni Williams & The Black Bohemia

Bill Ray

Paul Gilbert

Max Gebhardt

Freeda Beast

Matt Perko


Rob Dunnenberger

Free Union

Cristian Borneo

Chano, Petra, Pablo Olivares, John Elefante

Lorenzo Ciacci

The Way Downs, Tinzen, Pearshaped

Marcus Losbjer

Wolverine, Di Leva, Cucumber Park

Manolis Giannikios

Whereswilder, The Wedding Singers, George Zervos

Nick Santini


Daniel Conway

Alter Ego

Rob Joanisse

Minor Empire

Joe Love

Ancient Infinity Orchestra, Jesse Bannister, King Zepha

Jason Smith

The Noise Chapter

Brenton Winegar

Shattered Cycle, Valence Project

Alexander Athanasiadis


James Zaner

Dalton and the Sheriffs

Ross Beaty


Mirkko De Maio

The Flower Kings, Mind Key

Bojo Bojidarov


Jeremy Davis

Matt Parker and the Deacons

Dan Hertlein

The Big Jangle, The drD Band

Daniel Zolotic

Tenth of December

Don Gunn

Gaillion, dx.rxt, Stone Gossard

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