Ordering a custom drum

1 Place a $200 deposit -> we start building the drum per your specs.
2 After it"s done, you place the remaining balance and we ship the drum.

Free Worldwide Shipping

Please note that some countries may impose customs duties, taxes and/or handling fees.
USA customers reportedly do NOT pay any additional fees.

Two Metals

Mixed spun shells

Crisp, warm with incredible timbre.

Seamless Spun

Aluminum drum kits

A gigging drummers' dream

Pure Cast

Bell bronze

Fat, clear, with lots of low end.

We make seamless
metal drums


We strongly believe drums speak in their best form when they're seamless. So we decided to start making seamless metal drums exclusively

See Why Seamless?

Unlike a typical custom drum company, we're designing and producing most of components in-house. Starting from the shells, to lugs, throw off, badges, snare wires, hoops ...
So, from the very start we chose to innovate, not replicate.

See our Drum Features

In 2016 we launched world's first seamless spun aluminum drum kits. And we continued introducing other metals ...

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Some of our drum series

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