Ordering a custom drum

1 Place a $200 deposit -> we start building the drum per your specs.
2 After it"s done, you place the remaining balance and we ship the drum.

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  • 12/14/18 Phantom kit

    12/14/18 Phantom kit

    12x8, 14x12 and 18x14. Brushed finish, wooden hoops, bass drum mount. Sold.
  • Bellmaker 65 Special Edition

    Bellmaker 65 Special Edition

    14x6.5 bell bronze, custom brass lugs, hoops, throw-off and tension rods. Sold.
  • Cadenza 57 SuperThinCast

    Cadenza 57 SuperThinCast

    14x5.75 cast brass, SuperThinCast shell design, 10 lugs, OriFlange 3mm steel hoops, DW mag throw-off. Buy it on Paypal (shipping included): $1099
  • Duor 50 prototype

    Duor 50 prototype

    14x5 spun aluminum and spun brass, 8 lugs, die-cast hoops, Nickelworks throw-off. Sold
  • Super Phantom 75

    Super Phantom 75

    14x7.5 spun aluminum, 20 lugs, OriCast aluminum hoops, DW mini mag throw-off. Sold.
  • Super Phantom 75

    Phantom 1355 Hammered

    13x5.5 spun aluminum, hammered, Graphite finish. Sold.
  • Phantom 55 Dragonfly

    Phantom 55 Dragonfly

    Aluminum 14x5.5, 10 lugs, sticksaver hoops, Dragonfly, Nickelworks strainer, Classic wires. Buy it on Paypal (shipping included): $479
  • Ferromang 80 Hammered

    Ferromang 80 Hammered

    Manganese steel 14x8, 20 lugs, OriFlange 3mm steel hoops, Graffiti, Sonomaster wires. Buy it on Paypal (shipping included): $699
  • Giramondo 45

    Giramondo 45

    Spun brass 14x4.5, 16 lugs, sticksaver hoops, 3-point throw-off, patina. Sold.
  • Ferromang 75

    Ferromang 75 Oriphonic

    Manganese steel 14x7.5, 16 lugs, Graffiti finish. Sold.
  • Phantom 55

    Phantom 55

    Aluminum 14x5.5, OriFlange hoops 8 lugs, custom finish. Sold.
  • Bellmaker 75

    Bellmaker 75

    Bell bronze 14x7.5, 10 lugs, Sticksaver hoops. Sold.
  • Dreamer 65 SuperThinCast

    Dreamer 65 SuperThinCast

    Red bronze 14x6.5, 10 lugs, OriFlange 3mm hoops. Sold
  • Phantom 55

    Phantom 55

    Aluminum 14x5.5, 10 lugs, 3mm OriFlange hoops, Custom finish. Sold.
  • Phantom 65

    Phantom 65 Graffiti

    Aluminum 14x6.5, 10 lugs, Sticksaver hoops, Graffiti finish. Sold.
  • OriCast Bell Bronze Hoops

    OriCast Bell Bronze Hoops

    10 lugs, sand cast and machined bell bronze. Sold.
  • OriCast Cast Iron Hoops

    OriCast Iron Hoops

    10 lugs, sand cast and machined grey iron. Sold.
  • Oriollo Drum Key

    Oriollo Drum Key

    Cast stainless steel, mirror polished. Buy it on Paypal (shipping included): $40
  • Bellmaker 65 Full Edition

    Bellmaker 65 Full Edition

    Bell bronze 14x6.5, 10 brass lugs, OriCast bell bronze hoops, DW Mag throw-off. Sold.
  • Bakar 65

    Bakar 65

    Copper 14x6.5, 10 lugs, die-cast aluminum hoops, raw finish. Sold.
  • Giramondo 55

    Giramondo 55

    Spun brass 14x5, 8 lugs, custom finish, engraved. Sold.

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