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Seamless cast steel

Very rich with mellow overtones. Responsive, with rich and full-sounding qualities.

Oriollo Hunterâ„¢ steel shell is first sand casted with 10mm thick wall, then machined to 3mm wall, with reinforced top and bottom areas (5mm). The process is shown in this video .
We're using our own lugs and other quality components(?).

Let's build your Hunter®

Shell Design:  
Finish (?):  
Tension rods:  
Hoops (?):  

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You now pay a $200 deposit and the rest when we complete the drum.
Each snare drum comes with two sets of snare wires - Classic and Sonomaster.

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Hunter 55 SuperThinCast
Hunter 70


Brian Koch
My Oriollo Hunter 72 with Oricast Iron Hoops is a work of art! It sounds as great as it looks...I will say that it is BEAST of a snare! The CRACK this snare possess is INSANE! This drum will HURT you... Do not say I did not WARN you!
If you are looking for a cast metal snare, Oriollo hands down make the BEST!