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Seamless spun aluminum drum kits   world's only

A gigging drummers' dream

... lightweight toms and kick exploding with fullness and tone, with massive tuning ranges that are perfect for the stage or the studio. A true innovation.

The Oriollo Phantom™ Kit shells are made out of a single sheet of high quality aluminum, spun in a seamless construction(?) and featuring our Oriphonic™ layout.
The Phantom outfit uses our new cast stainless hardware, and comes with triple flanged hoops.

Able to be purchased as individual drums, or as a full kit, the Phantom kit brings the innovation of seamless aluminum shells to the traditional drumset.

Joshua Kidd

“What is so great to me about this whole process ... is that as cool as this drumset looks ... as innovative as making seamless drum set shells is ... the best part is the kit sounds absolutely bonkers. I will do my best to describe. These lightweight toms and kick are literally exploding with tone and fullness, yet are so how able to keep an amazing feel to them. What i mean is, the fullness of tone is similar to my ears of something like a solid shell kit, but solid shell kits often feel very hard. This aluminum kit has the fullness, but is somehow able to keep that melty, pocket feel that causes us to love our vintage wood drums ... so for me, this is a playing experience that is new to me in a good way ... and exactly what I would want in a drumset. It is easy to talk about how wonderful the kit is, but listen for yourself. You can't miss it in the video. Its amazing at all three tunings. Read the full review

Sinclair Lott

“I love drums that speak quickly, clearly and resonate with a full tone even at low volumes. The Phantom seamless aluminum shells Oriollo made for my 16/12/14 kit do exactly that. I was excited to get this kit after playing their Phantom snare drum. I ordered the sizes and finish I wanted and was amazed when I started gigging them. The whole kit is very responsive and produces a beautiful tone regardless of the dynamic or tuning range. Being lightweight, durable and easy to tune make it a dream kit for me. If the music calls for it I can throw on different heads or just drop the pitch and it sounds like a completely different drum set with the same full rich tone. I have confidence in the sound of these drums. It translates into confidence in my playing and allows me to focus on the best performance I can give.

Jay Smith

“My Phantom kit is solidly engineered and beautifully made. It produces a sonic quality that is truly inspirational. They’re powerful, focused, and supremely portable. The toms have a pure, fundamental tone. The bass drum, despite its size, is capable of punching like a cannon.

Max Gebhardt

“These drums are something special. While being on the drier side of things, they deliver a very open, breathy sound that is way fuller than most normally constructed wood drums. Tonally they are clear but not clean and remind me a little of some great vintage drums. They are big and beefy but not overly aggressive sounding. Really inspiring!

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