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1 Place a $200 deposit -> we start building the drum per your specs.
2 After it"s done, you place the remaining balance and we ship the drum.

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Seamless cast brass snare drum series

Focused, explosive and sensitive!

Very musical with a balanced attack and a dynamic range that has no ceiling.

Oriollo Cadenza™ brass shell is first sand casted with 10mm thick wall, then machined to 3mm wall, with reinforced top and bottom areas (5mm). The machining process is shown in this video .
We're using our own lugs and other quality components(?).

James Zaner

“The Cadenza Snare has the crack and punch you want with a brass snare yet maintains pristine sensitivity through its vast tuning range.

Joshua Kidd

“This drum was a major surprise to me and now one of my favorite snares in my collection. It’s an incredibly consistent and well made drum. While I feel like I could use it in any scenario or tuning with good results, I could see where this drum really excels in a high volume and high energy scenario. Its cutting sound and lack of dynamic ceiling would help it to be a very good choice in aggressive music. Its unique look also is a really cool feature of the drum. Its easy to see why cast drums have such a reputation for being a good fit in popular rock music over the years…and I think this drum totally delivers on that sound, but with a great added versatility. The hits keep coming.

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