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Seamless cast red bronze

Tone, sensitivity, power ...it's Red Bronze. Crisp, warm with incredible timbre.

Red Bronze (also called Gunmetal, Red Brass, Cannon Bronze, Cannon Metal, ...) is an alloy of copper (about 80%) and tin, zinc and lead. It was originally used for making guns and cannons, therefore its names. Coming in our SuperThinCast® shell design by default, this unique drum brings an incredible timbre and articulation.
We're using our own lugs and other quality components(?).

Let's build your Dreamer®

Shell Design:  
Tension rods:  
Hoops (?):  
Bag (?):  
Key (?):  

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You now pay a $200 deposit and the rest when we complete the drum.
Each snare drum comes with two sets of snare wires - Classic and Sonomaster.

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Dreamer 57 SuperThinCast
Dreamer 65 SuperThinCast


I really like the Dreamer. I usually don’t play a rim shot when close mic’d and this joker still has a nice snap and pop. I recorded it and it was very easy to EQ and compress to produce great sound. Some of my other metal snares sound harsh now ... lol

Sebastijan Kerekes
Oriollo Dreamer 65 SuperThinCast gives versatile and mic-friendly sound. It's massive, fat, reminds me of some rock classics.