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Seamless spun manganese steel drum kits   world's only

The Ferromang Warm and focused

... able to deliver massive tones with control and precision, for a sound that’s unique and powerful, but right at home on stage or in the studio.

The Oriollo Ferromang™ Kit shells are made out of a single sheet of high quality manganese steel, spun in a seamless construction(?) and featuring our Oriphonic™ layout.
The Ferromang outfit uses our new cast stainless hardware, and comes with triple flanged hoops.

Able to be purchased as individual drums, or as a full kit, the Ferromang kit brings the innovation of seamless steel shells to the traditional drumset.

Joshua Kidd

“Living up to my love of the aluminum kit is a tall order, but this seamless steel kit has exceeded my expectations. Just like the snares, each of these kits has their own flavor, that can stand on its own, but for me, the flavor of the steel is a bit preferred. The steel kit is so incredibly full with such a meaty low end. Theres more top end to the toms and kick…resulting in a bit more bite, and the shells are a bit more focused, resulting in a greater clarity of tone. I don’t say all of this to take anything away from the aluminum kit…it is also wonderful…but there was something special about this steel kit that really attracted me to it. Its slightly more aggressive nature and clear tone is just a joy to play and really shined in the kick drum. This kick drum has some serious nuts to it. The aluminum is less focused and wider…it is breathier and feels kind of airy. The steel is more in your face and punches you right in the gut. It is two different sounds, and I like having the option of either…but I must admit, I found the extra oomph to the steel pretty captivating from behind the kit, especially in a live setting. I will also say, I was incredibly impressed with the way the steel recorded. I felt like I didn’t have to do anything to the kit for it to just sound perfect. I was really impressed with its tuning range as well.