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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your drum shells and hardware?

We make our own drum shells. Using either metal spinning (aluminum, steel, copper, brass ) or casting technology (bronze, steel, brass, aluminum, ...)

We cast our own lugs and bass drum claws out of stainless steel.

We believe they are. They surely differ from their rolled/welded counterparts. Here's more on that topic - Why seamless?

There's no such thing as "bell brass". If you google that, you'll only find drums. Tama started using that phrase back in 80's. Bells are made of bronze - an alloy of copper and tin. Same as cymbals. Same as our Bellmaker® series of drums. And, yes, same as Tama's Bell Brass drums.

We have drum series, each metal and technology receives its name. Example: our copper drums made in metal spinning technology are named Bakar. Then, depending on the depth they receive a couple of numbers after it. Example: Bakar 65 is spun copper in 14x6.5. 14" is default in our nomenclature (a 13x6.5 Bakar would be named Bakar 1365 and 14x6.5 - only Bakar 65)

We're more of a boutique drum manufacturer than a custom drum company, but yes, we offer some customizations. Feel free to contact us with your ideas/requirements.

For the most part we will have your order completed in 1-2 weeks. In stock items ship within 3 business days.

All prices listed on our website include shipping costs. We ship worldwide. Please note that some countries may impose customs duties, taxes and/or handling fees.
USA customers reportedly do NOT pay any additional fees.

One of the main advantages of them is there's no chrome plating to eventually start chipping off. Just wipe them with a soft cloth. If they get any scuffs or small scratches, you can use a Cape Cod cloth to easily remove them.