Ordering a custom drum

1 Place a $200 deposit -> we start building the drum per your specs.
2 After it"s done, you place the remaining balance and we ship the drum.

Free Worldwide Shipping

Please note that some countries may impose customs duties, taxes and/or handling fees.
USA customers reportedly do NOT pay any additional fees.

Drum Features

TriDrop Lugs

Oriollo TriDrop drum lugs - casted of 316 stainless steel, polished in mirror finish. No plating. Built to last forever!
They also feature a tune-locking solution.

The design evolved from our previous, small-footprint, low-contact lug designs, inspired by the iconic "teardrop" designs. Featuring three frontal surfaces, therefore - TriDrop.
Single-end (on the picture) and double-end version available.

Oriollo TriDrop cast stainless steel lugs
Oriollo TriDrop cast stainless steel claws

TriDrop Claws

Same as our lugs, Oriollo TriDrop claws are casted of 316 stainless steel, polished in mirror finish. No plating. Built to last forever!

Snare Wires

Choose between the Oriollo Classic snare wires - a classic all-rounder (0.5mm thick, 19 wires), Oriollo Special - its wider version (0.5mm thick, 26 wires), Oriollo Stretched - (0.5mm thick, 19 wires), and Sonomaster wires - extremely thin and sensitive (0.3mm thick, 28 wires; intended for light players).

Oriollo snare wires
Oriollo Butterfly Throw-off

Butterfly Throw-off

Oriollo Butterfly - simple, but reliable.

OriFlange Hoops

You love triple flange hoops but looking for slightly less overtones and powerful rim clicks? This is the hoop for you! Manganese steel, chrome plated. 2mm 8 lugs version and 3mm 10 lugs version.

Oriollo Triple Flange Hoops
Oriollo OriCast Hoops

OriCast Hoops

Cast and machined bell bronze. 10 lugs, 14" diameter. Also available as cast iron and cast brass.

Shell Layouts

Oriphonic® Shell Layouts

From left to right

Oriphonic® - features a flanged top edge and a flat, beaded and angled bottom edge. Used in our drum sets.
Classic has 45° flanged edges.
3-5 Reringed Cast - 3mm thick wall with 5mm thick top and bottom sections. Can be 3-8mm thick. Edges are customizable.
3 Straight Cast - 3mm thick straight wall (by default). Can be 3-8mm thick. Edges are customizable.
SuperThinCast® - features extremely thin wall (1.5-2mm) with very short reinforcements on top and bottom.

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