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Crafting beautiful seamless metal snare drums.

We are extremely proud of our metal snare drums and metal drum shells and take great pleasure in offering these to our customers and artists. The shells we create are uncompromising - always seamless, high-quality metal, spun and drawn or cast and machined with 100% perfect edges.

Aluminum      /      Bronze      /      Brass      /      Copper      /      Steel
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Our Process

Our goal is to produce the finest musical instruments possible. The process starts with shells, which we strongly believe should be seamless, high-quality metal ...

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  • This is a prototype Manganese Bronze. 2.5mm walls, 4mm re-rings. Engraved + patina. Artwork by Selket Ihay.
  • 12/15/20 Phantom kit in yellow Graffiti, semi-gloss.
  • An interesting Oriollo. 14x5.5, 6 lugs, 2.5mm thick with 4mm 1/2" long re-rings. Fully rounded top edge, single 45 inside bottom edge, waxed. Seamless, cast ...
  • A Phantom 65 with laser markings per customer's request ...
  • Swiss cheese or a drum shell?
  • 5 tunings demo.

    Evans G1 batter, Evans 300 reso

    Toms: Josephson E22S
    Kick: Shure Beta 52
    Snare: Shure SM57
    Overheads: Cole 4038
    Stereo ...
  • Seamless spun aluminum drum set - Oriollo Phantom - in 12x8, 15x13 and 20x14 config, with a 14x6.5 cast brass snare drum.

    12": ...
  • Here's a thicker version of Encore 65.
    1.5mm spun brass snare drum 14x6.5 lacquered.

    Batter Head: Remo Coated Ambassador
    Reso Head: Aquarian snare side