Most beautiful snare drums

This is our list of the best looking snare drums. As with all "best looking" lists, this one is strongly subjective as well ...
Note: Listed in alphabetical order.


Spirit of 2002 snare drum, by Jeff Ocheltree and Paiste.


Resonator snare drum, by Artisan Drumworks.


A snare drum, by Bellwether Drums.


Engraved three ply snare, by C&C Custom Drums


Bubinga Steambent, by Carolina Drumworks


Hand hammered snare drum, by Crush


Diamond Cast Solid Shell maple snare drum, by Craviotto


A snare drum by Doble R


The Drumtree 7" x 13" Tree Bronze Snare, by Jeff Ocheltree


6.5 X 14 Classic MonoPly, by Dunnett


Unibody Cherry with Sterling Inlay snare drum, by Dynamicx


14x5.5 Blue Gum, Walnut Fade, by Evetts


A snare drum by Gatton Drums


A snare by Guru Drumworks


The "Prestige" snare drum, by Geo. H. Way Drum Company


Walnut Stave Snare Drum w/Segmented Wood Hoops, by HD Custom Drums


14 x 6 Hallmark snare drum, by Highwood Drums


A vintage snare drum from Switzerland, Imperial Drums


7" x 14", 1/2" thick, Wenge Snare Drum, by JTPCo


KD Spitfire Snare Drum, by KD Custom Drums


Levi Snare 14x7, by Levi Drums


Bionic snare, by Le Soprano


A Luka snare drum


A copper snare drum, by Mastro Snare Drums


Mike Estatof signature snare, by Ming Drum


Bubinga snare drum, by Natal Drums


A Noble & Cooley snare drum


Starphonic, by Tama


14x6 Victorian Blackwood stave snare, by Red Rock Drums


A snare drum by Rathkamp Drums


A custom snare by Sleishman


A snare drum by Spizzichino


A snare drum by Supernova Drums


A custom snare by TL Drums


A custom snare by Tyman


X-air Free Floating Modular Snaredrum, by Vancore


Cast Bronze Snare drum, by VK Drums