Joshua Kidd

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session drummer

Joshua Kidd is a drummer and filmmaker from Santa Rosa Beach, FL. He is highly sought after in his area for his deep groove and tasteful playing, and for bringing a creative aspect to the process of songwriting and in his live playing. His experience in audio and video production, as well as his time restoring drums has given him an impeccable ear to know how drums should sound in any situation, and is a valuable asset to any venue or studio.

I used it in a large auditorium with full PA and in-ear system. In the past, I have used my Gretsch aluminum and a joyful noise luminary and had issues with the drum feeling dead or causing some troublesome ring with the Gretsch ... but the Phantom jumped right in and performed much better than I expected with such minimal time to dial it in.

There are sound and feel qualities that really cause me to gravitate towards this drum. This drum feels very alive. It's incredibly sensitive, the most sensitive out of the five I recently demoed. The rolls on it are incredibly smooth ... and you can hear this in the comparison video. It's articulate and breathy and reminds me of the reasons I like drums like the Joyful Noise TKO. "

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Joshua Kidd