Dan Hertlein

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The Big Jangle, The drD Band, ...


Born and raised in Miami, Dan began his musical journey in 1965 after seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. Since his best friend already played guitar, Dan gravitated to the drums. He built a drum set out of Charlie Chips cans and garbage pails. That Christmas his parents surprised him with a top of the line Ludwig Downbeat drum kit. After that Dan played in the band World of Matter that was managed by his beloved father for eight years, who didn't have an ounce of musical talent but wanted to be involved with his son. A truly loving gesture that Dan treasures to this day.
Dan currently plays in the San Francisco Bay Area with several musical projects such as the popular Tom Petty Tribute act, The Big Jangle as well as subbing out to other bands in need of a temporary drummer.

He finds the Oriollo Phantom 55 to be the perfect snare in all tunings. He uses a lower tuning when playing classic rock and tunes it up for his R&B/funk endeavors.