Revival™ Series

Cast Brass

Oriollo Revival™ is a drum made using our own shell. It's first centrifugally cast with 10mm thick wall, then machined to 3mm wall, with 5mm reinforcement rings on top and bottom. The machining process is shown in this video. We're using our own lugs and other quality components.

Video Demos

  • Shell: Seamless / Cast / Machined
  • Finish: Brushed
  • Lugs: Oriollo Milla
  • Badge: Die cast
  • Hoops: Triple flange
  • Snare: Oriollo Sonomaster
  • Snare throw-off: Oriollo Butterfly
  • Heads: Aquarian
  • Weight (6.5"): ~6.5 kg (14.3 lbs)

Note: Lead time for this drum is up to 40 days.

All drums are serial numbered.

Focused, explosive and sensitive!

Very musical with a balanced attack and a dynamic range that has no ceiling.

This drum was a major surprise to me and now one of my favorite snares in my collection. It’s an incredibly consistent and well made drum. While I feel like I could use it in any scenario or tuning with good results, I could see where this drum really excels in a high volume and high energy scenario. Its cutting sound and lack of dynamic ceiling would help it to be a very good choice in aggressive music. Its unique look also is a really cool feature of the drum. Its easy to see why cast drums have such a reputation for being a good fit in popular rock music over the years…and I think this drum totally delivers on that sound, but with a great added versatility. The hits keep coming. Read the full review

Joshua Kidd
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