Mangana™ Series

Spun manganese steel

Oriollo Mangana™ is a drum made out of single sheet of high quality medium manganese steel, spun in a seamless construction (so there is no seam to impede the resonance of the shell). The bearing edges and snare beds are made using presses and molds/dies so each and every shell is 100% perfect (and same).
We're using our own lugs and other quality components.

Video Demos

  • Shell: Seamless / Spun Schafberg
  • Finish: Raw or Graffiti
  • Lugs: Milla or Tube
  • Badge: Die cast
  • Hoops: Triple flange
  • Snare: Oriollo Sonomaster
  • Throw-off: Oriollo Butterfly
  • Heads: Aquarian
  • Weight (6.5"): ~4.5 kg (10 lbs)

Note: Lead time for this drum is up to 20 days.

All drums are serial numbered.

Explosive, sensitive and full of color

Unlike your common steel snare, it's very warm and with lots of body.

Another quality Oriollo snare drum, the Mangana 65 is an extremely versatile instrument. Bright and cutting enough for any contemporary amplified music while maintaining warmth and sensitivity in a lower volume acoustic context. You can see in the demo just how easily it tunes from a warm fat low sound to a crisp high pitched crack. Combine these features with Vukan's quality craftsmanship and stunning finish options and you might not be buying a metal snare drum from anyone else for a long time.

Sinclair Lott

This manganese steel is just another example of how amazing these snares are, and what an incredible job Oriollo is doing when it comes to innovating and producing quality products at affordable prices. I am extremely pleased with this Mangana and know it will be a valuable addition to my collection. In a lot of situations I gig in, I deal with sound guys that don't always know how best to approach mixing drums, or dealing with a moderate ring from a snare ... so to have a snare that already leans a bit towards a drier sound but still feels sensitive and energetic is a really nice option. Well done Oriollo!

Joshua Kidd

I ordered my 14x6.5 from an online drum shop out of curiosity. I've played a lot of boutique metal snare drums, and I'm not easily impressed. The manganese steel shell has one of the widest tuning ranges I've ever experienced. It sounds equally impressive at everything from finger tension low to cranked up be-bop tunings. In a world of drums that tend to sound more or less the same, it's a unique instrument with it's own voice.

Dan Bailey

This is one hell of a drum - incredibly sensitive, fat center hit, but capable of delicate articulation at the edges. The shell is seamless and has an inverted bead between the bottom lug screws and the lower bearing edge.
Some drums cause one to have an instant affinity for their tone and playability; for me, this is one of those drums - I don't want to stop playing it and it hasn't left the stand since it arrived.

Don Gunn
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5.5" - Mangana 55 - $459
6.5" - Mangana 65 - $499
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