Bakar™ Series

Spun copper

Oriollo Bakar™ is a drum made out of single sheet of high quality copper, spun in a seamless construction (so there is no seam to impede the resonance of the shell). The bearing edges and snare beds are made using presses and molds/dies so each and every shell is 100% perfect (and same).
We're using our own lugs and other quality components.

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  • Shell: Seamless / Spun Lefkada
  • Finish: Raw or Brushed
  • Lugs: Milla or Tube
  • Badge: Die cast
  • Hoops: Triple flange 2.3mm
  • Snare: Oriollo Sonomaster
  • Throw-off: Oriollo Butterfly
  • Heads: Aquarian
  • Weight (6.5"): ~4.5 kg (10 lbs)

Note: Lead time for this drum is up to 20 days.

All drums are serial numbered.

Dark, full and meaty with a prominent low end and midrange ...

... but still retains the sensitivity, high end sparkle and explosiveness that is characteristic to all the Oriollo seamless spun drums.

The Oriollo 65 Bakar has exceeded my expectations. This drum is dark and meaty, but still so explosive and crisp. This results in a very well balanced drum across the frequency spectrum that is versatile and can do anything.
It records beautifully at all tunings and will be a valuable addition to my collection along side its aluminum brothers.This will easily be my go to recording snare. Read the full review

Joshua Kidd

Being a fan of fat and focused backbeats, I fell in love with the Bakar at once. Classic sounds come out of this snare whenever you try a different tuning. The lack of overtones really helps the player find a sweetspot in any tonality with minimal (or no) use of muffling. The Bakar delivers cracking rimshots in an old-school vibe due to its dark sounding copper shell. That doesn' t mean that it lacks volume though. It's hard to think of any musical application that this snare wouldn't shine.

Manolis Giannikios
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4.5" - Bakar 45 - $649
5.5" - Bakar 55 - $699
6.5" - Bakar 65 - $749
Hammered versions +$60

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