Phantom™ Drum Kits


The Oriollo Phantom™ Kit shells are made out of a single sheet of high quality aluminum, spun in a seamless construction (so there is no seam to impede the resonance of the shell). These shells use our Oriphonic™ layout, which has a flanged top edge and a flat, beaded and angled bottom edge. The edges are made using presses and molds/dies, so each and every shell is 100% perfect and consistent. The Phantom outfit uses our new Milla lug, made from aluminum with brass inserts, and comes with triple flanged hoops.
Able to be purchased as individual drums, or as a full kit, the Phantom kit brings the innovation of seamless aluminum shells to the traditional drumset.

The world's first seamless spun aluminum drum sets

  • Shells: Seamless / Spun Aluminum 1.5-3mm
  • Finish: Clear, Graffiti, Galaxy, Sparkle
  • Lugs: Milla single-end
  • Badges: Die cast
  • Hoops: Triple flange
  • Heads: Aquarian

Note: Lead time is up to 20 days.

All drums are serial numbered.

A gigging drummers' dream

... lightweight toms and kick exploding with fullness and tone, with massive tuning ranges that are perfect for the stage or the studio. A true innovation.


What is so great to me about this whole process ... is that as cool as this drumset looks ... as innovative as making seamless drum set shells is ... the best part is the kit sounds absolutely bonkers. I will do my best to describe. These lightweight toms and kick are literally exploding with tone and fullness, yet are so how able to keep an amazing feel to them. What i mean is, the fullness of tone is similar to my ears of something like a solid shell kit, but solid shell kits often feel very hard. This aluminum kit has the fullness, but is somehow able to keep that melty, pocket feel that causes us to love our vintage wood drums ... so for me, this is a playing experience that is new to me in a good way ... and exactly what I would want in a drumset. It is easy to talk about how wonderful the kit is, but listen for yourself. You can't miss it in the video. Its amazing at all three tunings. Read the full review

Joshua Kidd
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10" (up to 7") - $349
12" (up to 8") - $399
13" (up to 9") - $449
14" (up to 12") - $599
15" (up to 14") - $659
16" (up to 14") - $699
20" (up to 14") - $799
22" (up to 14") - $899

+10% on Sparkle finishes

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