Sinclair Lott

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Freddie Hubbard, Frank Zappa, Tigran Hamasyan, ...


Sinclair was born in Los Angeles where he currently lives and performs in many different musical genres from commercial studio work to original jazz projects. Some of the musicians he has worked with include Freddie Hubbard, Frank Zappa, Tigran Hamasyan, Dianne Reeves, Mose Allison, Vanessa Williams, Big Joe Turner, Billy Childs, Tierney Sutton, Otis Rush, Eric Gale, Mike Miller, Harry Allen and Bob Sheppard.

Phantom 65

I ordered my 6.5x14 Phantom on a whim after I saw the video of how the shell was made. It's hands down the best 6.5x14 snare I've played. It has a nice, warm, full tone with no harsh overtones. Maybe the round over top edge helps with that. I also love how light weight it is and your brush job looks really nice. Thanks Oriollo!

Mangana 65

Another quality Oriollo snare drum, the Mangana 65 is an extremely versatile instrument. Bright and cutting enough for any contemporary amplified music while maintaining warmth and sensitivity in a lower volume acoustic context. You can see in the demo just how easily it tunes from a warm fat low sound to a crisp high pitched crack. Combine these features with Vukan's quality craftsmanship and stunning finish options and you might not be buying a metal snare drum from anyone else for a long time.