Manolis Giannikios

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Whereswilder, The Wedding Singers, George Zervos, session drummer


Born in Athens, Greece. Member of the band Whereswilder and active session drummer for the Greek music scene. Giannikios has worked with some prolific Greek pop artists (Nikos Portokaloglou, Filippos Pliatsikas etc.) while playing as a regular member to numerous bands/projects of the local scene (Sillyboy,, Spectralfire, Night Knight, The Wedding Singers, The Jaguar Bombs, George Zervos and more).

Bakar 52

Being a fan of fat and focused backbeats, I fell in love with the Bakar at once. Classic sounds come out of this snare whenever you try a different tuning. The lack of overtones really helps the player find a sweetspot in any tonality with minimal (or no) use of muffling. The Bakar delivers cracking rimshots in an old-school vibe due to its dark sounding copper shell. That doesn' t mean that it lacks volume though. It's hard to think of any musical application that this snare wouldn't shine. Also, don't forget about the robust design, the light-weight build and of course the classy raw copper finish that make this snare extremely tour-worthy material.