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Gaillion, dx.rxt, Stone Gossard, session drummer


Don is a recording/mixing engineer and producer in Seattle WA, in addition to drumming with his trio, Gaillion, and electronic collaborative collective, dx.rxt. He frequently drums on sessions for artists he's producing and is constantly on the lookout for new and better sounding instruments to use in the studio. The Oriollo Phantom55 ticked all the boxes the first time it hit the stand.

Phantom 55

Taking a chance on a drum I'd never played, from a builder half-way around the world may sound like a risky proposition, but I knew from the first hit that I'd made the right decision. Vukan and his team have something extremely special happening in Serbia! The Phantom55 delivered everything I hoped for in a snare drum - sharp attack coupled with plenty of body and tone. I'm in love!

Mangana 65

This is one hell of a drum - incredibly sensitive, fat center hit, but capable of delicate articulation at the edges. The shell is seamless and has an inverted bead between the bottom lug screws and the lower bearing edge.
Some drums cause one to have an instant affinity for their tone and playability; for me, this is one of those drums - I don't want to stop playing it and it hasn't left the stand since it arrived.