Jeremy Davis

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Matt Parker and the Deacons


Jeremy Davis began playing drums at the early age of 4 years old. He then went on to elementary school where he joined concert band in the 5th grade, where he continued to fall in love with the instrument. 
In middle school, Jeremy was introduced to Jazz band. Putting the rudiments together on the drum set as well as grooving. His playing was becoming more natural as he progressed into high school. 
Jeremy attended White Knoll High School in Red Bank, South Carolina. He furthered his symphonic band experience by participating in wind ensemble as well as concert band. While at White Knoll, he had the opportunity to perform at ground zero and Carnegie hall in New York City. He was also drum captain of the White Knoll Drum Line his sophomore, junior and senior year.
Jeremy then decided to attend the University of South Carolina to gain a degree in percussive arts. This is where   he developed his more technical approach to drum set and started absorbing every bit of information related to drumming that he could. 
While in college, Jeremy decided to begin a YouTube channel. On this channel he performs and records his own drum parts over top of popular songs. His channel quickly gained popularity after a unique cover of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem". Since then he has continued his YouTube channel, but has now added some original compositions as well as lessons. His channel currently has gained over 46,500 subscribers and slightly over 8 million channel views.
During this period Jeremy was asked to play drums for the South Carolina band "VillaNova". He played along side Brian Conner and the Villanova crew for close to a year before he had to leave the group to finish his degree in music. 
After completing his schooling, Jeremy moved to Myrtle beach, South Carolina and got connected with a few bands. After a year, he was asked to play with "Matt Parker and the Deacons" (MPD) and has been with this rock n roll/soul trio for almost a year and there is no looking back.
Currently, he plays full time with (MPD), as well as continues to upload videos for his online fan base. 
Jeremy is influenced by many drummers and artists but his top influential artists are: Benny Greb, Steve Jordan and even the guitar stylings of John Mayer help shape Jeremy's playing.