Mike Albanese

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Maserati, Cinemechanica, Bit Brigade


Mike Albanese spends a healthy amount of time on the road. Between Maserati, Cinemechanica and Bit Brigade he has played in just about all of the states and most of the countries, much to the dismay of his loveable studio pitbull, Gladys. When not on the road, Mike is the owner, engineer, producer and protagonist of Espresso Machine recording in Athens, Ga and working long hours on records you probably haven't heard, but really should.

Tigra 65

Since hearing my drummer pal Noah Leger's (Disappears, Facs, Electric Hawk) bell bronze snare in person and on some of my favorite records, I have been on what can only described as a two year bell bronze vision quest. The quest is complete. The Tigra delivers exactly what I was looking for: a cannon of a drum that is basically unchokeable at any tuning while sensitive enough to hold up to the highest levels of day to day studio scrutiny. Legitimately a bargain at twice the price.